Relief charity Open Hearts, Open Borders fill 40 ft container to aid refugees this winter

Open Hearts, Open Borders, the charity campaigning for and helping refugees in the current political climate, has been collecting donations of toiletries and warm clothing for Syrians stranded in various refugee camps. DS Smith kindly donated boxes for all the items to be packed and transported in whilst Quickstore Plymouth provided extra packaging materials, storage, and forklifting.

The toiletries and clothes were sent on Monday 15th February inside a 40 foot container filled with 24 pallets. 6 weeks of donations and working around the clock proved fruitful as the container was full to the brim. Weeks of fundraising events and efforts coordinated by the relief charity also proved their worth with £3000 being donated to the camps too.

Organised and founded by Faraday Fearnside, to the right in the image below, the Open Hearts, Open Borders charity was founded as Faraday recognised the challenges and tough living conditions that refugees face. After filling the container the team stopped for a brief interview with Spotlight News as they filmed with Faraday and the team.



The history of the Quickstore Torquay Centre in pictures from 1978 to present day

An old milk bottling plant in Barton Hill Road was demolished in 1978 to make way for the new Herald Express building and their growing newspaper. Construction began in the early 1980s specifically to house the local press. Once construction was complete the Herald Express moved into the building and occupied it until the late nineties, when Quickstore Torquay took over.

The photos below will guide you through the demolition, construction, and final look of what is now our Quickstore Torquay centre.

Torquay 80s Quickstore Construction

Similarly angled, the photos below show the changes in the original building upon completion in the 1980s to the building today.


Quickstore Plymouth aids Cornwall & Plymouth Furniture Re-Use Project

Local furniture reuse charity Furniture Re-Use Project is a not-for-profit community-focussed business run from Plymouth. The project has the aim of supporting people with disadvantages in their life by helping them to furnish their homes with quality second hand items.

Quickstore Plymouth happily helped the Cornwall & Plymouth Furniture Re-Use Project by aiding customers that were donating items. Some customers don’t have room for items of furniture when they move house so it’s good to know that somebody else will be making good use of it.

As well as accepting cash donations, members of the public or businesses can donate any unwanted furniture in good condition. Working appliances like fridges, freezers, washing machines, and cookers can be collected by the Furniture Re-Use Project if they’re compliant with regulations.

You can organise a free-of-charge collection or organise a drop-off donation by contacting the charity here.


Leggings and neon is required for Rowcroft Hospice’s The Sleep Walk 2016

As QuickStorsleep-walk-rowcroft-hospicee supported Rowcroft Hospice’s events in 2015 by supplying red storage boxes, Rowcroft has kindly let us know about their upcoming fundraising event in the summer.

The Sleep Walk 2016 is a sponsored walk that sees ladies from all over the South West come together in Torbay to don their best fancy dress, make some new friends, and raise money for a great cause. The previous walks have seen a great amount of money raised but this year the team at Rowcroft Hospice are hoping to hit an all-time fundraising total of £1 million!

Registration is now open for this event and theme has been released as 1980s dress! Grab those leg warmers and neon jewellery and meet the girls for the 5 or 10 mile walk, beginning at Torbay Leisure Centre on Saturday 9th July.

Anybody signing up online before 29th February will receive an exclusive discount, securing their place for just £12 instead of £15.

All those who sign up online before 29 February will receive an exclusive discount to South Devon’s biggest girls’ night out, securing their place for only £12, instead of the usual £15 full ticket price.

Daniel Robson, Rowcroft’s Events Manager, said: “This year’s walk promises to be a night to remember with laughter, music, friends and some amazing 80’s surprises along the way!”

Don’t miss out on South Devon’s biggest girls’ night out! Register for The Sleep Walk2016 today or contact Rowcroft Hospice for more information.

sleep walk 2016