St Luke’s Hospice fundraising events with QuickStore Saltash

st-luke's-hospice-accumulator-challengeSt Luke’s Hospice’s latest fundraising venture is in the form of the Accumulator Challenge. The charity have given business minds across the South West £50 as a start-up float to raise as much as they can! St Luke’s has been encouraging people to walk, run, fundraise, support, auction, raffle, and bake their £50 into a larger sum so QuickStore Saltash has got involved on the action!

They’ll be hosting 2 carwashes on the 9th and 23rd of October in which patrons are encouraged to make a suitable donation in order for the team to leave you with a gleaming motor! On Friday 2nd October they’ll be asking you “how many lollipops are in the tub?” in their fiercely competitive lollipop challenge!

Friday 16th October is the rag-bag collection so people are being encouraged to bring in their old, possibly stained and even ripped, clothing so they can send it off for recycling!

There’s also going to be a highly anticipated bake sale on Friday 30th October so make sure you get yourself down to QuickStore Saltash to get your hands on some tasty little weekend treats – all for a donation to the St Luke’s Hospice cause of course!

Find out what you can do to aid St Luke’s or contact the QuickStore Saltash team for further details!

QS Network News – David Collins Consultancy talks business plans and the Torbay Business Network

david-collins-consultancy-business-planningDavid Collins of David Collins Consultancy says he has one note on his desk. The note simply says ‘Why?’ in order to prompt him into realising why he’s taking action. ‘Why am I taking action around attending this networking event?’, ‘Why am I calling on trading estates?’, and ‘Why am I updating my LinkedIn?’.

David Collins said: “To help me prioritise actions for Quarter 4 2015, I looked back at the first year and assessed the network events I attended.

The Torbay Business Network on the last Friday of each month at Pier Point came in at number one priority because of the consistent numbers attending, the quality of presentations and Anthony Blackaby’s facilitation, cost and location.”
David extends an invitation to us all to have a look what we are prioritising for this quarter, why we are prioritising it, and how it will help us create a great starting point for 2016. He also says: “If you are not clear about what’s most important to you, and where you are going with it, how can you take action with confidence?”
David has over 35 years of experience working with business owners on planning, finance, and coaching, helping different businesses achieve their different ambitions.
Contact David Collins Consultancy if you want to chat about clarity and purpose in business. Contact QuickStore Torquay if you’d like to attend the next Torbay Business Network on Friday 25th September or find the next business meeting dates.


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QS Network News – Francis Clark Chartered Accountants nominated in British Accountancy Awards 2015

Francis Clark Chartered Accountants are proud to announce that one of their practitioners, James Twigger, has been nominated for Practitioner of the Year in the British Accountancy Awards 2015.

british-accountancy-awards-2015-logo-370x229James Twigger is a Chartered Accountant and Business Services Manager based in the Torquay office and has many years of experience in all aspects of accounting, tax, and financial management.

Francis Clark won the Tax Award of the Year at the British Accountancy Awards 2012 and took home the Top 50 Corporate Finance Team of the Year award at the British Accountancy Awards 2014 so the team is very much looking forward to the awards ceremony. The winners will be revealed at The Brewery in Central London on November 24th this year.

For more information visit Accountancy Age or Francis Clark.

This news is brought to you on behalf of the QS Network