Introducing ‘Extra For Me’

Quickstore Extra For Me Business Network Referral Reward Scheme

Refer a colleague/friend to Tamar and Torbay business networking groups and save money with top high street retailers!

Announcing a referral bonus scheme for members of our business network groups; Extra For Me.

Simply introduce a new member to the network, then send their contact details to Anthony Blackaby and he’ll give you a code to gain membership to the exclusive money-saving website ‘Extra For Me’.

Once you have the code you can enter it on the website to login to and save £££s with high street retailers including M&S, Argos, Boots, Costa, Currys, PizzaExpress and many more!

Business Network Reviews

Our Business Network events are becoming increasingly popular so we thought we’d share some of the positive feedback received from local businesses who have attended.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Torbay Business Network

Firstly may I congratulate you on the excellent organisation of the meeting yesterday morning. I have been to one or two of these meetings elsewhere and I must say that the format that you use is to some extent unique and it is certainly invigorating and engaging for those who are in attendance.

Congratulations on a job well done!!!!!! I can assure you that this will not be the last time that you will see me at the meetings but please do keep me informed of the dates etc. so that I can diarise the events.
– John Thomas – Managing Director, NetHomes Limited


Thanks Anthony for another excellent networking session.
– Hugh Doxat-Pratt – Financial Planning Director, Alpha Financial Consultants


Thanks for another very enjoyable event. next one is is my diary.
– Julie


Thanks Anthony…another great morning meeting.
I would love the opportunity to speak at one of the meetings so if could let me know the dates you have available I will get it in my diary.
– Ian


Thank you for the great meeting today.
Sorry I had to go, I already had a full diary from 930am so had to go
I would love to attend the meeting on 17th December please.
– Mel, GAP Recruitment


The next events are as follows;
Torbay Business Network – Friday 27th February. Email Anthony for details.

Tamar Business Network – Thursday 26th February. Email Julie for details.

Torbay Business Network

Changes are afoot in Torquay

We’ve been working away on a new Reception area at our Torquay branch for a little while and can confirm that it won’t be long until we’re up and running.

The refurbished area will be three times larger than the previous space and will include a new reception, shop and dedicated section for our Budget vehicle hire.

We’re excited to show you all the finished result when we open on  Monday February 23rd.