Race for Life!

Race-for-Life-2014-girlsOn 22nd June, Helen and I took part in Race for Life with our children. This year we were lucky enough to have good weather.  This charity is something that we hold close to our hearts. So far we raised £331 and some donations are still coming in at present. Thank you for your support.            Andrea Jabangwe

Introducing the Solowheel!

At Quickstore we are introduced to so many great new things on a regular basis whether it’s a product, service or even a place to visit and eat so we like to share these fab finds with you from time to time. Today we want to show you this new kind of transport that caught our attention when a customer began storing some in our highly secure storage facilities. The Solowheel, as it’s named, is an exciting product described as a powered unicycle, it is now available to buy and the team at wheelgo.com can also organise a demo. We think that they are amazing! Just watch the video below and we’re sure that you’ll want one as much as we do!