Macmillan Coffee Morning Friday 28th September at Saltash

Join us on Friday 28 September 2012 for Macmillan’s biggest event of the year and help people living with cancer. One in three of us will get cancer and  for most it will be the toughest thing we ever face.

Macmillan provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support and push for a better cancer care system. They’re a team that gives you the strength and energy to face the fight and get through it.

We’re holding our own coffee morning in Saltash to try and raise as much as we can for the tremendous work that they do and really hope you can join us.

Julie Mazzoni, Centre Manager                                          0845 1300 994


Bubble wrap isn’t just for Christmas!

Bubblewrap-friendsThis whole thing started over a cup of tea in the office, you know “What else could you use Bubblewrap for?…” So here are some of the ideas that we could publish which represents around 5% of the suggestions….

Idea number 1, quite decent and great if you have a “special relationship” with you plants:

“Protect potted plants by lining the interior of the plant pots with bubble wrap before filling it with soil. The bubble wrap creates insulation so the plant is protected against cold and high temperatures.”

Idea number 2, never heard of this one but apparently it’s quite well known:

“Use bubble wrap as a liner in your fridge or in the crisper drawer. Bubble wrap protects fruits and veggies against bruising. It can also prevent the freezer’s cold air from escaping.”

Idea number 3, very topical this one what with all the utilities going up again:

“Insulate your room during winter by covering your windows with bubble wrap. And since bubble wrap is transparent, sunlight can still pass through and lighten up your room naturally. Also, Protect your pipes and water heater during winter by wrapping it with bubble wrap.”

Idea number 4, think this one came from Greece:

“Use it as sleeping mat or cushion whenever you feel tired and want to take a nap when you’re working…”

Idea number 5, this one is from outside of Greece as it assumes you’ve planned to stay at work for most of the day:

“If you bring packed lunch to work and you don’t have insulated lunch box, you can use bubble wrap to keep your food warm. Simply wrap your lunch box with bubble wrap and your good to go.”

Idea number 6, you can never be too secure, I think that’s what they say:

“A simple burglar alarm for light sleepers – lay a sheet on the floor and hope you’re not woken by popping in the middle of the night. Might also be handy if the burglar in question has an allergy to plastic…”

Idea number 7, and I’ve seen this work, really I have:

“Use bubble wrap to warm up the water in you pool. Lay a sheet of bubble wrap on your pool’s water surface and it will act as solar heater by capturing sunlight.”

Finally idea number 8, well quite a few actually:

“Bubble wrapping underneath the wallpaper can prevent it hurting when you hit your head against the wall in frustration , wrap it around your steering wheel and eliminate the need for airbags,  bubble rap  (get it?), carry it around as an emergency air supply, finger-friendly Braille and absolutely finally (I promise) send it into space to show alien species how technologically advanced the human race is”

Right that’s enough of that, 4,000 ways to use a cardboard box next time, contributions welcome….

Saltash Business Forum

saltash-bus-forum-BreakfastA new incentive to encourage businesses to informally get together at our new Saltash Business Centre.

This morning was the very first meeting and included a great breakfast. Our speaker this morning was Ashley Hayward from Ascentem who gave us some good tips to make social media work for our businesses.

The next meeting will be in November and we’d love to get as many people along as we can so all you’ve got to do is ring Julie on 0845 1300 994 and she’ll put you on the list.

Do it for the breakfast!